A special thanks…

Hey folks,
as you can probably tell, we never had a chance to keep up with the refurbishment journal updates as we ended up having to put in a lot more work than planned.
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We opened on the 1st March 2019 (just over 2 months ago) and we are ecstatic about how well The Secret Garden Cafe has been received, so firstly we would just like to thank everyone who has been in and given us a try already. You guys rock!

Secondly, other than a quick post on Facebook when we opened we never really had a chance to thank everyone who has helped us refit the building, so here goes...

Thank you Joe Coleman from Coleman Sign & Design.
You not only took the stress of having to come up with a logo off of Barry's hands but have also painted some amazing bits on our walls. If anyone ever needs some amazing calligraphic design or real hand painted signage then this guy is the best!

Thank you to Steve Mullins (our resident sparky).
This cheeky chap helped us with a whole load of electrical problems. Steve made sure we opened on time by working until gone midnight on various occasions. He also made sure Barry stayed away from any major electrics which we all know is for the best.

Thank you Andrew Cookson.
This amazing man created all of our bespoke metal work for the tables and the extra large 8ft double crook hooks in our garden.
No matter what random designs Barry came up with, Andrew just said "Challenge accepted" and the results speak for themselves!

Thank you to the whole team at DNA Cleaning Solutions.
After Emma realised how horrifically grubby the kitchen really was (you can see the state of it here), we enlisted the help of these guys who spent over 30 hours cleaning everything for us and once done, the kitchen looked almost new again. Highly recommended!

Thank you to Jonny at For Woods Sake.
Once we realised that our chimney was usable, we couldn't resist getting a wood burner installed. Jonny did a fantastic job of installing it at short notice and our customers absolutely love it!

Thank you Derrick.
Derrick did all our tiling (floor and bar walls) and also a little chippy work too which included fixing the bodge job our previous chippy did.
Most importantly, he let us borrow his table saw. This was invaluable and we're shocked Barry and Paul still have any fingers!

Thank you Tom from Modern Build and Maintenance.
Tom kindly managed to fit us in and fix our external wall at short notice. Not only did he replace all the crumbling bricks but he did it so well that you can't tell that the work has been done at all (in a good way). Tom also helped extend the hearth on our fireplace so that the wood burner could go in. Top lad!

Thank you Lucian (the brother in-law).
Lu came in and switched about the toilet wall and built a new wall separating the bar and kitchen.

Thank you Lara from Lara Jane Thorpe Photography
This lovely orange haired woman is a photography goddess and we recommend to anyone who needs foodie photos.

Thank you Jason and the team at JPF Plumbing
As usual you guys are always on hand to bail us out when we need you.

Thank you Jason No.2 at Impact Signs and Print
You guys stuck the nice shiny sign above our window to let everyone know where we are (I can't believe we forgot to ask for it until after we opened - oops).

Thank you Jay at Floral Couture by Jay
This poor chap got up at the crack of dawn to make sure our indoor greenery was ready for opening.

Thank you David Robbins the Pallet Board Guy (aka Made From Pallets)
David has never failed us and even when we messaged at 10pm for 130 pallets boards he turned up the next evening without fail!

Thank you Steve and the lads at Cafe Rico
These beautiful chaps colour matched and painted our coffee machine so it was the same green as our logo and always provide 1st class support (on the rare occasion things go tits up).

Most importantly, thank you Paul Darby (aka Plick).
Without Pauls help we would never have opened on time. He turned up each afternoon after his day job and helped Barry rip up the old tiles on the floor, build all the seating booths, pallet walls and pretty much helped with anything else he could. This guy is a true legend!

Last but not least, thank you to our friends and families.
You all turned up and helped us finish the last little bits, painted the walls/ceiling, stopped Emma from having a break down and even invested some money when we ran out.

And that's it. Thank you all again and here's a whole selection of photos from the refurb...

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