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An opportunity arises!

The Secret Garden Logo Launch

It’s early December 2018 and we have been fortunate enough to be offered a property right next door to our current business, The Crow’s Nest in the Square, but what should we do?

At first we wanted to smash through the wall and expand but after a little bit of thought (and a few knock-backs from our other, more grumpy landlord) we thought about what Weymouth was missing and/or needed more of. What menu requests at the Crow’s have been increasing?

Vegan and Gluten-free friendly pubs, café’s and restaurants!
Most eateries are becoming ‘tolerant’ to avoid bad reviews but no one seems to really offer much of a choice, and what they do offer is… well.. pretty crap and tasteless!

And so the idea of The Secret Garden was born!

So far we have a name, logo (which you’ll all know by now), an Instagram profile and a Facebook page.

While we build not only the business but the website, the menus and as we go through the refurbishment we’ll update this blog so once launched you can read about our journey and how we’ve got to where we are now… or at least where we will be by the time you get to read this (that’s if you even want to).

Let the Pinterest-ing begin…

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