Dorset Echo Industry Awards Nominee ‘New Business’

After only being open for 2 months and 13 days, we are very excited to have been nominated for The Dorset Echo’s Industry Awards ‘New Business’ category!

The nominations for the Industry Awards started about 5 days after we opened but being so new to the town we didn’t think we stood a chance. The Secret Garden Facebook Post for the Industry Awards

At the same time couldn’t help but be a little cheeky and give it a go. As the shares hit 21 and the engagements passed 1000 we thought things might go our way.

On Friday last week we saw everyone that was nominated and had started to share their ‘Nominee’ images on Facebook so we just presumed that we hadn’t even made it to the nominee stage but then today the email we was hoping for landed with the words “Congratulations you are a nominee in the Dorset Industry Awards ‘New Business’ category”.

Now we’re under no illusion that we’ve won or even made it to the final 3 but it’s great just to be nominated all the same.

Thank you again to all out customers, friends and family who have supported us over the last few months.

You’re all amazing!

Also, good luck to everyone else who’s been nominated and hopefully we’ll be sharing a table with two other nominees (or finalists) in the coming months.


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