The pre-clean begins…

Today’s the day we officially get the keys and can really begin measuring up and planning our refurbishment… or at least it would have been if the place didn’t smell so bad!

As we inspected the kitchen we found that nothing had been cleaned in a very long time. The fryers had a thick sludge in them that was so thick that Emma had to scoop most of it out by hand before they would start draining. The cooker was a crispy burnt mess and it seems that rats had been hiding behind the kitchen units which really didn’t help the smell. There’s much more that we could moan about but here’s a few pics instead.

Once Emma had de-sludged the fryers and cleaned off the cooker top we decided to give the floor a good bleaching to hopefully make the place smell a little better and we’ll get back to measuring and planning in the new year once we’ve all sobered up from the Christmas festivities 😉

Merry Christmas folks and a happy new year.

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