The refurb so far…

It's been a few weeks since our last update. and we have been busy bees indeed!

The very talented and all round nice bloke Joe from Coleman Sign & Design kindly redesigned our very rushed logo which we're guessing you've all seen on facebook already. He'll also be painting this on the side and front of the building which we're pretty excited about - Thanks Joe :D

The Secret Garden

After a whole load of trial and error we've worked out that whether we like it or not, the place isn't getting any bigger. We've measured and moved the tables and chair plan as many ways as possible and it seems that 25 bums on seats is the limit without having everyone crammed in like sardines in a tin.

Once we finished the floor plan it was time to rip everything to pieces. The chairs, the walls and even the floor!
We hated the green floor tiles which will be replaced with nice marble effect stone tiles. The disabled toilet has had a wall moved so it is now accessible. We've no idea why the door was not only inside the bar area but it was also on backwards so should any disable people have wanted to use it, they'd have been shit out of luck - pun intended ;)

Barry decided he was going to build a bar/counter himself... which turns out to be fairly solid and pretty level. We're more impressed he didn't lose any fingers to the chop-saw either.

Emma was given the horrific job of wine tasting for both the Crow's Nest and The Secret Garden. Not only did she not complain about this dreadful job but she went above and beyond... and got totally hammered.

We have also picked the the seating style, stools and even some tub chairs to go around the fire which the chimney sweep says is usable. We're very happy about this!

Finally, we think we have finalised the menus.
You've all been asking so this weekend we'll do some sampling and then we can officially get it on the website and launch so you folks can keep up to date.

That's it for now. Check back soon.

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