We ♥ Pinterest… like, a lot!

As the title suggests, we're huge fans of Pinterest and if you don't have an account then we highly recommend you start one now. It is one the best places to find inspiration, ever!

We have renamed our old ideas board that was used for our last refurbishment at The Crow's Nest, and have started adding new pins already.

The style we want for The Secret Garden is somewhere between, modern, industrial and an indoor garden.

We've already spoken to our amazing friend Andrew Cookson who fabricated our custom 8ft Crook Hooks outside and he's agreed to help us make some bespoke tables, and maybe a few other bits we haven't told him about yet.

With the help of Paul at A2Z Adventures who will source us some big logs, we're looking to recreate a rather nice wooden, honeycomb bar front which you'll see on our Pinterest Board.

All we need to do now is agree on the seating, materials, how we want the walls, what plants to have, colours, which walls to move, menu creation and much, much more... it's a big old list.

Wish us luck!!!

You can see our Pinterest Board for the Secret Garden here.

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