Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Brunch, lunch or an afternoon snack maybe?

So... you missed breakfast but you're hankering for some Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free lunch. Well look no further as we have it all going on!
Whether you're looking for a just a quick salad, a hot homemade pie or maybe you fancy a bit of Canadian Poutine with a Garden twist, we have all bases covered.

Don't forget: Our waffle menu is available all day long - treat yourself!

Vegetarian (V), Vegan (VE) & Gluten Free (GF)

Light Bites

Main Meals


All our burgers are served in a Gluten-Free or Wholemeal bun with fresh lettuce, tomato and fries.
Switch to Sweet Potato Fries for £1.00



Something missing?

Ask and you shall receive... well... we'll at least think about it

To make sure we meet the needs of as many people as possible, we will continue to fine tune our menus and so they may change without notice. If you have any suggestions or feed back, please drop us an email using our contact form.